Sakshat HCL Tablet Features & Review : Cheapest Tablet PC at Price of 1500 Rs

HCL Technologies released the world’s cheapest and most affordable tablet Sakshat HCL Tablet on January 10, 2011. This came to be a surprise package for one and all. Though the company has not unveiled the technical specifications, but the common ones are obviously to be present.

The basic specifications would be found in the Sakshat HCL Tablet, which include 5, 7 and 10 inch touchscreen, 2GB RAM, PDF

Sakshat HCL Tablet

Sakshat HCL Tablet Picture

Reader, Linux system, WiFi, USB, camera, Unzip and internet browsing. The Sakshat is supported by a 2-watt system to satisfy the needs of people living in areas having poor power supply. Like many other, the Sakshat HCL Tablet laptop is based upon the Android OS. Features like web conferencing are also available.

Can you guess the price of this tablet? Well, HCL offers you all these applications at an absolutely cheap rate of $ 35 or INR 1500. Initially, HCL will produce merely 100,000 units of the Sakshat Tablet under the project of educational awareness among people of India. As per the contract between the Indian Government and HCL technologies, in the first phase, only 100,000 units of this unique laptop would be produced.

The Government of India has doled out INR 300 Million for this project. Though the project attracted more of cynicism than ecstasy, but still the concept seemed to be a good idea. A laptop at this price is seen as an impractical idea too but for the Indian masses, this would be a great price to buy a laptop.