Samsung Corby Review, Price, Features and More

Samsung has yet released another one of its touch screen models. It seems that it is determined on conquering the touch screen world. The Samsung Corby is a model quite trendy and yet affordable. Based on modern technology the model is full of widgets like facebook, twitter etc which are social networking sites vastly popular among students. Below you will find a review of Samsung Corby.

Features of Samsung Corby

Priced at a range of Rs7500-8500, the Samsung Corby S3650 is equipped with a 2.8” TFT touch screen, 2megapixels fixed focus camera with smile detection, Fm radio, etc. In fact in the box I got a headphone whose quality is superb and also an extra rear jacket of different color.  The touch screen is very sensitive and the widgets are displayed minimized on the corner of the screen. Dragging the widgets enlarges them. The phone was extremely handy and had a solid feel in spite of the large removable cover. The speaker quality is good, not very good but still considering the price I would give it a 7/10.

Some of the disadvantages of the mobile are there was no 3g support. The camera could have been of better quality. There is no auto focus. There is also no flash for low lighted conditions. There is no onscreen QWERTY keyboard and the keyboard provided is quite uncomfortable. The space is located at an odd position too. Another thing is the smart SD slot was provided under the battery. Although I don’t mind it some consider it uncomfortable. Further there is no 3.4mm headphone or speaker pin and that is real bad.

So if I am asked to conclude I would say go for the model? At this range this is the best set you would find. The Samsung Corby price can be easily afforded. Equipped with all the things one needs, the Samsung Corby S3650 is a complete model on its own.