Samsung DualView TL220 Review : Camera Price, Specifications & Comparison

With SAMSUNG DualView TL220 you can unravel an entirely new experience introduced by the digital technology. The innovative feature of the Samsung DualView Camera that is doing rounds is its 1.5 inches front display, enables you to capture mesmerizing moments unlike before as now you can take the shot from the front. The child mode enables you to capture the attention of the toddlers through the incorporated animations which shoots the expressions peculiar to a child only. With the countdown timer, the shot can be coordinated in a perfect manner.

Quick as well as easy navigation provided by the TL220. With the Rear LCD Touch Screen, you can have a simple access to the photo library by merely scrolling through the menu. The Haptic technology of this camera, registers all your preferences and makes this camera a must have.

The Smart auto feature of Samsung’s DualView TL220 enables you to shoot pictures like a pro as it examines the crucial elements including brightness, subject, color as well as motion that deliver outstanding result.  With this you can render yourself free from shooting too blurred or too dark pictures. Apart from having 14 preset modes, the manual control can be used to make some specific adjustments.

Banking on a series of top-rated technologies, the Samsung DualView TL220 also features 12.2 megapixels CCD alongwith having an influential 4.6x optical zoom that will assure you high quality images. The detailing of the images is so rich that the pictures can be ideally utilized for getting poster length print outs.

A camera equipped with a wide angle lens of 27 mm along with 4.6x optical zoom offers you with an opportunity to capture wider range from a minimal distance, rendering more flexibility as compared to 35mm cameras. Now with Samsung DualView TL220 you can capture family functions, serenity of the nature as well as skyscrapers without moving back and forth. A clear cut Optical lens of 27 mm from Schneider-KREUZNACH produces precise and clear images having a uniform resolution from the hub of the photograph till the edges. The surface of each lens is multi coated which greatly reduces the flaring to capture a perfect shot.

Another top notching facet of the Samsung’s DualView TL220 that enables you to capture beautiful and picture perfect images devoid of making use of a tripod is The Advanced Dual Image Stabilization. The Advanced Dual Image Stabilization couples together Optical as well as Digital Image Stabilizers rendering you with sharp and quality images lacking the noise found in the cameras generally. Optical Image Stabilization offers a compensation for shaking of hands caused by lens movement in the opposed direction.  When Optical Image Stabilization does not suffice then it is mechanically overtaken by Digital Image Stabilization to make sure that you do not have to make any compromises and spoil your memories with blurred photographs. With so many features intact in the Samsung DualView TL220, you can now capture all your favorite moments and relive them with your near and dear ones.

Samsung DualView TL220 Price in India :- This Samsung DualView TL220 comes at price of 12000 INR in India and its available at Samsung stores.