Samsung Galaxy Apollo review

Android phones have gained excessive popularity amongst all mobile buyers. Today everybody is crazy about an android phone. So how can Samsung stay behind? With its stylish Galaxy Apollo, Samsung has also made a mark in the android cell phone market. The phone has stylish metallic looks that speak for it self and catches eyeballs where ever it goes. The Galaxy Apollo is the best thing to carry for enhancing your personality.

The phone has a amazing 3.2 inches touch screen, an inbuilt GPS system, 3D sound effects, a larger battery for long battery backup, plenty of memory storage, DivX video playback and a much faster internet access. Though the phone is loaded with all these attractive features but the price is incredibly less.

The Apollo Galaxy phone is slightly shorter and thinner as compared to the Galaxy S.  The front face of the phone gives a classy feel with its metallic and glass body, and the back side matches it well with its plastic cover. Though it has a 3.2 inches screen but the resolution is low 240 x 400 pixels. Galaxy Apollo has a 3 mega pixel camera with no flash, which is yet again a disappointment.

Though the features have been reduced as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S, but still it is worth the money. It is a sure short guarantee that every individual that own this mobile would just love it. As such it has already created a spark in the mobile phone market. Samsung Galaxy Apollo can fit well into your dream android budget phone.