Samsung Galaxy Beam vs. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

While both Samsung Galaxy Beam and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos are spectacular phone, let’s see in detail how they differ from one another and which one is a better pick.

Samsung Galaxy Beam Vs. Ace Duos-

Samsung Galaxy Beam is an ultra slim compact Smartphone which comes with lots of unique and advanced features. It is a Smartphone that will give you fast and strong performance. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is a Dual SIM Smartphone which is also slim in design and packed with latest and technologically advanced features. Both mobile phones have some similar features as well.

Similar features-

Samsung Galaxy Beam and Ace Duos have a number of common features. Both the mobiles have slim and compact body that look very attractive and stylish. You can click high quality images and videos with both the mobiles as they are featured with 5.0 Mega Pixels Camera with Digital Zoom. With Capacitive Touch-screen screens you can enjoy smooth touch controls. The mobiles support various similar formats of audios and videos including P3, WAV, EAAC+, etc.

For loud and clear music 3.5mm Audio Jack is available in both Galaxy Beam and Ace Duos. You can also enjoy fast internet speed with Wi-Fi connectivity. Both the mobiles are operated with Android V2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system thus, will enjoy fast speed and response. You can buy lots of your favorite applications from Android App Market which is available for both the mobiles.  These Smartphones support latest 3.0 Bluetooth as well.

Unique features-  

You need not carry two mobiles or SIM cards with you as Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is a Dual SIM mobile phone. It is a light in weight in comparison to Beam so you can easily carry it. Ace Duos is about 20% smaller than Beam so it can easily fit in your pocket. You can also tune your favorite radio frequency as it supports FM radio. Samsung Galaxy Beam has a large and bright screen with high resolution. It comes with 786 MB RAM and 823 MHz processor so you can enjoy fast speed. This mobile phone is powered by reliable battery so you can get long hours of talk time. It has a front 1.3 MP Camera so you can communicate with your friends and colleagues through video calling. The mobile has 8 GB internal memory storage capacity.


Both Samsung Galaxy Beam and Ace Duos are really very good and fully packed with lots of modern and advanced features. There is a big different between the prices of these two mobiles. The price of Samsung Galaxy Beam is Rs. 28,900 in the market and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is available for Rs. 13,299.


Samsung Galaxy Beam and Ace Duos are two highly advanced Smartphones which can easily cater to all your modern needs. After comparison of their features and price, we can say that Samsung Galaxy Beam has more advanced features (surely because it is expensive than the Ace Duos). But if you are looking for a Dual SIM Smartphone with an affordable price tag, then Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is the most appropriate option for you.