Samsung Galaxy Y Review- Features & Price in India

Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y serves to be the part of youth oriented handsets by Samsung that promises amazing Android experience to the users. The Samsung Galaxy Y is indeed the very first step on the journey that may wend at latest generation of the Galaxy S. the phone features enough facilities to offer a great Smartphone experience and will be available at a low price. The amazing TouchWiz3.0 has software things covered well as well.

Why Galaxy Y?

Samsung Galaxy Y is indeed the latest phone of the Samsung Galaxy collection. Apart from Samsung branding, this phone looks a bit short than the Galaxy S2. Grey and black tones are splashed on the phone with subtle chrome effects on the phone’s edges.

Galaxy Y specs

The handset is just 104mm long and 98g by weight. Thus it is small to fit into the tiniest of palms and can even slide easily into skinny jeans and that too without any hassle. You can even enjoy easy access to games, music and social applications with the phone thereby helping the users enjoy a great gaming, music and social networking experience.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Y

The Galaxy Y further features the 3 inches touch screen display with 240×320 pixels resolution. You might be thinking that this is indeed a low resolution and you are completely right. But while the screen cannot match the amazing Super AMOLED Plus display of the Galaxy S2, the Y is affordable and so you can expect some less features than the much popular Galaxy S2.


Running on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the Samsung Galaxy Y is responsive and smooth. Once you begin loading the handset with any of the applications in Android market and the live home-display widgets, you will see lowering down in overall performance. So ensure that you keep a strict check on what all you are doing with the phone.

Talking about performance delivery, the Samsung Galaxy Y is featured with the 832MHz processor. As far as Smartphones are concerned, the 832MHz processor is not much. But it is okay for a phone of a low cost like this.

Final verdict

It can be said that Samsung Galaxy Y may not be the most beautiful handset of Galaxy line not is it most powerful as far as features are concerned. However, when it comes to affordability, it is a great phone for all those who cannot afford to get the Samsung Galaxy S2. The prices for Galaxy Y have not been announced yet.