Samsung Guru Muzik Review: features, specifications & Price

Samsung Guru Muzik is the latest phone that has caught the attention of many. It is the affordable CDMA phone that features FM radio, MP3 player, micoSD card slot and music shortcut keys. The phone has the storage capacity of 2GB and it comes with the free 1GB microSD card as well.

Guru Muzik features and benefits

The users can enjoy a talk time of around 4 hours but it actually depends on the network performance and network connectivity. The handset too operates at the frequency of CDMA 900/1800 Mhz. Also, the Samsung device has the call register feature of 300 incoming, mixed and outgoing calls.

Samsung Guru Muzik Review

Samsung Guru Muzik sound and music

Indeed, sometime the best way to enjoy music with hands-free is by putting the gadget on speaker mode. This is especially true when you wish to enjoy the loud FM music or wish that the others should also enjoy some nice tracks with you. The quality of sound is great both with the speaker mode as well as using the headphones.

Other features to enjoy with Guru Muzik

Samsung Guru Muzik Mobile

Samsung Guru Muzik

What more, just unleash the feature of 32 polyphonic ringtones that are already preloaded for you along with the MP3 songs that you select for your ringtone. Some amazing specifications that you can enjoy with Samsung Guru Muzik  include the following:

  •  MP3 Player
  •   Travel adapter
  •  Color handset
  •   65000 colors CSTN Display
  •   128×128 pixel display resolution
  •    FM radio
  •    Music hot key
  •    Advance Mobile Tracker
  •    2GB storage capacity
  •    1000 mAh battery
  •    Stereo ear phones

The Samsung Guru Muzik also comes with T9 dictionary that makes it easy for the users to message. Some popular games that can be enjoyed with this handset include Sudoku and cricket.

What’s bad?

The main weak point of the handset is that it lacks the feature of a camera. Also, the mobile has no Internet connectivity.

Samsung Guru Muzik Price in India

The Samsung Guru Muzik is available for Rs 3,500 in India.