Samsung Wave Price in India – Samsung Wave Mobile Review

Samsung wave is the first Samsung Bada-powered Smartphone in India. Its most eye catchy and impressive features are AMOLED screen display that is its USP, 1 GHz processor and slim design, attractive and sturdy metallic body and on and on.

Its average current Market Price is Rs. 17500 as per updated on July 18 2010. It’s a worthy deal in comparison to other Smartphone. The most stunning feature of this phone is certainly its AMOLED screen display. You will be amazed to see it. The moment you switch it on, that super AMOLED screen jumps to life and behold you. The Wave’s 3.3-inch 480×800 pixel touch screen is amazingly crisp and vibrant displaying color and details of highest quality. The look is worth the money……

Samsung Wave has garnered enough curiosity with the many ‘firsts’ this device has been labeled with lately. Samsung Wave is the first Divx HD certified phone, the first device to operate on Samsung’s new Bada OS platform, the first Bluetooth 3.0 enabled device, first one to introduce Super AMOLED screen and the first smartphone to feature the latest Picsel File Viewer
Samsung Wave trails behind when we compare it to the mid-range BlackBerry, Symbian, Apple and Android devices – Simply put, it doesn’t handle things efficiently as expected from a user point of view, which, ultimately makes the simplest of the tasks an annoying experience – such as tweeting or sending an email – extremely arduous. You will face a tough time to get accustomed to this device and to learn how it actually works at first place

Finally, is it worth it – yes or no? Yes it is worth its price. Guarantee a person passing by seeing this phone for first time will turn back to see it once again.