Sania Mirza – Shoaib Malik Marriage News Confirmed by Pakistani Cricketer malik

News of Sania Mirza getting marry with Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik is confirmed by Shoaib Malik and he written on his twitter profile that

Thanks for all your support. And the news of Me marrying to Sania is true. Inshallah will get married in April.

Here is the screenshot of his twitter update about this
This News was confirmed by Sania’s father Imran Mirza and her self Sania said she will get marry to Shoaib Malik next month but she is at present preparing for Common Wealth games 2010.

Sania’s father said Sania and Shoaib will live in Dubai after getting married and Sania will continue playing Tennis after wedding. His father added he will keep supporting his daughter for maintaining her career.

Shoaib malik’s brother in law said, Sania and Shoaib will get marry next month in Hyderabad itself and it will also do good  for Indo-Pak Relationship.

We must remember Sania called off her engagement with Mohd. Shohrab and we posted news about it in our Earlier Post .

We wish Sania and Shoaib best of luck .