Several accords inked during Obama’s visit to India

India and the US signed six agreements apart from a number of business deals during Barack Obama’s visit to India. But these business deals were inked separately. The United States will cooperate to the best of its abilities in plans for nuclear centre in India in order to promote security and to address the threats of terrorism related to nuclear power.

Another US-India agreement is there to set up a combined Clean Energy Research and Development Centre. This centre will be supported by huge amounts of dollars by both the nations for five years. The agreement also ensures the countries will work together to complete the research in bio fuels, energy efficiency and solar efficiency.
Then there is the agreement on technical help and cooperation for studying the yearly monsoon rains of India. Also, an MOU to make the US-India Energy Cooperation Program that will mobilize the private sector specialization and resources in order to address pure energy related problems in US and India both.

Next is the MOU to establish as well as operate a Global Disease Detection Centre, India that will set up a lab in the capital for preventing spread of various infectious diseases.

Another MOU has been inked between the United States and India on shale gas resources that will see the technology of US used for assessing the shale gas resources present in India.