Shah Rukh Khan and Shiv Sena- Latest Updates

Everything was going on smoothly till the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan made his statement regarding the IPL 2010. In a certain interview Shah Rukh had said that the Pakistani Players were not treated respectfully or correctly during the auction for the next season of the Indian Premier League and this caused a rift between the Shiv Sena and SRK.

However Shah Rukh still stands rigid on his comment as he says that if we love the Pakistan players then why we should hesitate to express it.

His upcoming film “ My Name is Khan” is facing serious problems as it’s posters get torn and removed, Sena further has warned many theatres too. They are receiving letters written “My Name is Shiv Sainik”, a clear case of warning.( See the preview, songs and trailer of My Name is Khan here).

Further in another press conference in New York, meant for the publicity of his new film, SRK also said that what Shiv Sena had done earlier was “Unfortunate, unhealthy and undemocratic.”

Shiv Sena has challenged Shah Rukh to make the same statement in Mumbai. But frankly speaking Shiv Sena is acting more like a bully these days. When they warned the Australians from playing in IPL 2010, the situation was understandable but this time they are restricting the freedom of speech for someone of their own Country. Only time can tell us what’s going to happen.