Shahid Kapoor’s Badmaash Company Movie Review

Badmaash Company, the directorial venture of Parmeet Sethi is another con film from Yash Raj Films. The film is set up in Mumbai of 1990s. Three boys, just out from college set out to make it big, the wrong way. They are joined by a girl who wants to be a model and the foursome forms the Badmaash Company.

Like any Yash Raj film, this includes stars like Shahid Kapoor and Anuskha Sharma. They have Vir das and Meiyang Chang for Company. Shahid Kapoor has the dream of having his own company listed on the stock exchange. He starts by selling shoes and accomplished his dream with selling some consignment of shirts which changes color after every wash.

Aushka Sharma looks pretty but lacks variety of expressions. But Chang and Vir show their flair of natural acting and balance the pitfalls of the film.

The film has a nice story, but one expects a better story of con artists from Yash Raj Films, who gave us delights like “Bunty aur Babli”. Moreover, the film is full of temporal discrepancies.  It says it’s a story of 90s and shows the poster of 2000 films.

The soundtrack by Pritam is nice. One enjoys songs like Chaska, Jingle and Ayaashi but forgets about those just after coming out of the theatre.

The film is enjoyable and has good acting, but lacks a good script.

Review as a critic: the script could have been better. But Sanjay Kapoor has done a fabulous job with his camera and the film is loaded with latest techniques. The director could have done a better job with a hero like Shahid.

Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Badmaash Company Youtube Trailer Video :- Here is the Link of trailer video on youtube of movie price. Enjoy the trailer and movie.