Significance of Durga Pooja in Kolkata

Durga Puja serves as one of the crucial and known festivals in India. It is celebrated extensively in Northern as well as Eastern states of Indian nation, especially in Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Tripura and Jharkhand. In Bengal, the festival is celebrated with huge pomp and show. The Puja grandeur makes the whole Kolkata into new city during last 4 days of this festival when Durga idols are immersed in lakes, rivers and seas on Dashami.

The immersion of idols is the ritual that is carried out on the belief that Mother Goddess descends to Earth on the 6th day of Durga Puja and then returns back to her abode on 10th day i.e. Dashami. The festival is even called by popular names like Durgostab and Navratra in different parts of the nation.

The festivity honors eternal powers of Durga and it is believed that the great and mighty Lord Rama invoked the blessings of Durga Maa before going to fight the battle against Ravana. Durga Puja Kolkata will start from 25thSeptember.

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Huge idols of the Goddess are seen everywhere during the festive season. The aroma and feel of Dhunuchi makes the overall aura really ethereal and magnificent. Massive pandals at parks and grounds are added to have pompous celebrations. With Mahashashthi, the rituals are started and thus end on the Dashami when Durga idols are immersed in the water bodies.

Then comes the Shubhu Bijoya when after bidding farewell to the Goddess into water, people exchange some gifts and presents with their loved ones. The whole time span is highlighted and featured with celebrations and rituals. Wearing new attire, dancing and singing on the traditional and religious tunes is seen all across the country. Enjoy Durga Puja celebrations and bid farewell to the deity with full enthusiasm and zeal.

Delicious delicacies are prepared at homes and people exchange sweets with friends and family.

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