Solar Tsunami: Is it actually harmful?

The people in the southern part of India almost swoon at the mention of the T-word. The Tsunami that hit parts of South India and Sri Lanka six years back has left only bitter memories in the mind of the people there.

But the Tsunami in the current context is the Solar Tsunami which the NASA scientists say will hit the Earth soon. The origin of it is the sun’s surface where they keep rolling across from one end to another, destroying or sweeping away the filaments.  They are very powerful and very infrequent.

But what has made them catch the attention of astronomers all over the world is the fact that this time the eruption is of far higher intensity than the usual ones. The shock waves are travelling at a deathly pace towards earth, but the scientists assure that there is nothing to worry about. Apart from a few blackouts in certain areas of the earth, disruptions in communication facilities and rather spectacular display of lights in the northern and southern sky, there is not much to be expected from the Solar Tsunami.