Some Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup

Wedding is a very special day in the life of any person, particularly for a girl. It is quite obvious that the bride would want to look her best on the D-Day of her life. Here are some very simple tips for the perfect Indian bridal make up.

Tips for the face

For the face, choosing the right foundation is very important. Natural foundation is the best and should be applied all over the face evenly so that all thin lines on the face are concealed. On this, apply a thin film of matte powder so that your marriage pictures come perfect. Use a shine free powder so that it does not allow oil to accumulate in the ‘T-Zone’. A little pink or peach blush will look just great.

Indian Bridal Makeup

Tips for eyes

A nice eye makeup can do wonders. Indian bridal makeup concentrates a lot on the eyes. First, the shape of the eye has to be highlighted. For that, tone color of a medium shade is applied around the eyes carefully. Apply eyeliner either with a pencil or with a brush depending on your choice. Blend the corners well with a little darker shade. Apply eye shadow keeping the color of your wedding dress in mind. Do not overdo the shadow. Put mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller. Apply kajal on the lower eyelids to make your eyes speak.

Tips for lips

For the lips, choose a lip liner that matches the lipstick shade that you plan to apply. Line your lips with a pencil lip liner from the center to outward direction and complete the whole lip. Now fill the lips with the lipstick shade that compliments your dress. Use a moisturizing lipstick as that makes your lips look supple and soft. If you want you can also add on some gloss for that additional sheen.