Sony Launches The PS4 In India At Rs. 39,990; Will Be Available From 6th January

Sony has today launched its much awaited video game console, the PlayStation 4 in India. The PS4 will be available for the Indian customers from 6th January 2014 at a price of Rs. 39,990. As per Sony, the PS4 will be there with a library of more than 30 games by the year end. Also, the gaming console’s controller has been priced at INR 4,990.

Features that the PS4 boasts off: PS4 will be using the Gaikai gaming streaming technology that allows the users to download the games directly on the console. This way, the users can easily play games online as soon as they are downloaded. This console also has the ability to download the games in background even if the system is powered off. The users will even be able to upload the videos over the net while enjoying playing games and sharing the gameplay on social sites in real time.ps4-

The PS4 further includes GPU and 8GB GDDR5 unified system memory. Its controller, called as the “Dual Shock 4” is there with a touch pad as well. The latest PlayStation’s controller resembles PS3 a bit but adds motion control, touchpad and share button. The console will also be a part of latest ecosystem focused on the hardware, software and most powerful, fastest gaming network.

PS4 benefits and highlights

The PlayStation 4 is even powered by 8 core AMD Jaguar CPU, in built Blu Ray drive and 500 GB hard drive. The PS4 features 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Ethernet port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and Bluetooth 2.1. Sony has actually streamlined the on screen user interface of the PS4 and its menu features highlight large games and apps icons in horizontal bar with one more line of small icons just above it which helps the users to connect with other gaming experts, tinker with the system settings as well as access the PS store for downloading latest games and rent or buy the multimedia stuff.

 PS4’s Competition

PS4’s tough competitor will be Xbox One from Microsoft which will be released next year as well as they are working to partner with the Indian TV channels and studios to source the local content. Microsoft was basically the first company that launched its console in the country last generation as they purchased Xbox 360 a year ahead of the Japanese giant.

It is to be noted that Sony has already sold 230,000 to 250,000 PlayStation3 consoles in India while on the other hand, Microsoft has not disclosed accurate amount of consoles that they have sold over the years.