Sony Smartwatch- The Latest Wrist Device

Sony SmartWatch is the latest device that has caught all the attention from tech savvy freaks. It is the secondary display for Android powered phones. The SmartWatch offer fast and easy access to the notifications from applications and services available on your phone.

Why buy SmartWatch?

The watch lets the users read updates on their social media accounts, manage the calls and handle messages right from the wrist. The best part about the SmartWatch is that it is sleek and beautiful to look at.


The watch lets the users know who is texting or calling, control the music and a lot more. It has been seen that there is a great trend for such devices in the market these days. However Sony is one of first of the latest wave to make the device available for the general public, after its launch of inPulse.

Display screen

The screen of the watch is clear, bright as well as sharp. The 128×128 resolution is a bit low but makes the pictures and text look okay. Even the color depth is fine. It is noted that the display is capable to show 65,000 colors.


The strap of the SmartWatch is all rubber and is available in a variety of colors like pink, blue, mint and white. But the black strap is standard and the additional straps can be bought separately.

More features

Sony SmartWatch in fact interacts with around 30 services and applications on the Android devices including the basics like email, Facebook, media player, text messaging, phone calls, Twitter, weather and the fitness applications.

The main feature of the device is its 1.3 inches OLED screen that is fitted perfectly into the case that is just like iPod nano. The power button is all set where there is the crown winder of analog watch. Also, the Sony logo is beautifully printed on bezel just below the glass face.

Sony’s SmartWatch is available at the Sony retail stores as of now as well as on its official website. The device will soon be available at other retail channels in some time.

Pros of the Sony SmartWatch

Sleek and compact

  •   Useful for urgent and quick usage
  •   Available in different color straps


Cons of the Sony SmartWatch

  •   Does not support various applications
  •  No FM, MP3 player
  •   High cost

Final verdict

It is a nice device that you can buy if you are tech savvy and wish to flaunt the beautiful device on your wrist.