Sony Vaio – All Series Price, Features & Other Specifications

If you are thinking of buying a trendy laptop with state of the art features, the first name that comes to your mind is Sony Vaio. Sony has established itself in the notebook market with the wonderful models of Sony Vaio. Select one form the following models based on your budget and requirements.

X-Series: this half inch thin computer is the lightest notebook in the world. This comes with a scratch resistant screen and lager capacity batteries. The range starts from $1299.99 and is the perfect choice if you want a trendy and sleek notebook.

Y-Series: If multitasking is your forte and you want your gadgets to have killer looks, this one is for you. It comes with energy saving features increasing the battery time. The ultra low voltage Intel® Core 2 Duo processor along with the 4GB of RAM ensures that this computer delivers up to your expectation.  This range starts at $799.99.

F- Series: if you want a faster notebook which will enhance your gaming experience, your prayer has been answered. It has 4 processors each of which can do 2 tasks at times. The high definition graphics works wonderfully with your gaming applications. The TransferJet connectivity makes transferring photos a child’s play. You can make this your own for as little as $999.99.

CW-Series:  This range includes fashionable looking color coordinated notebook is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn. It is capable of meeting all your regular needs, and do that just the way you like it. It comes in different vibrant colors and the exterior is glossy and lustrously finished. The range starts from $809.99.

E-Series: if you want your notebook to reflect your creativity and colorful personality, go for this one. It comes in a spectrum of mind blowing colors with matching palm rests. The keyboard comes in contrasting colors. Smart performance and wonderful graphics are its characteristics. At just $699.99 it is a steal.

So don’t wait any longer. Decide what you need from your notebook. Is it battery time, looks, faster performance or all of these? Whatever be your answer, Sony Vaio has a perfect model for you.