Sony Vaio Hybrid PC featuring Intel Thunderbolt

Sony might be working on lightweight Vaio Hybrid PC which can compete with the MacBook Air by Apple. As per Sony Insider, Sony is cooking up some latest notebook that will include two components and even the Intel Thunderbolt technology that was earlier code named as Light Peak which debuted in the month of February on latest Apple MacBook Pro laptops, the heftier versions of MacBook Air.

As for the two part Vaio by Sony, the laptop part of it includes Intel Wireless Display, an i7 processor, battery life of about 8 to 16 hours, weight of about 2.5 pounds, HDMI output and support for 3D and the solid state drive.

The other component that will be ideal to this Vaio when connected consists of the discrete AMD Whistler GPU with 1GB VRAM, VGA output, USB port, Blu Ray disc drive, weight of 1.5 pounds and HDMI output.

It is indeed unclear what Sony has actually planned to produce. What is a bit known is that whatever this machine is, it will be alone featuring the Thunderbolt. As per Intel, a large amount of manufacturers producing the displays, cameras, computers, docking stations, storage devices and more have declared the plans to incorporate technology in the upcoming products.

The report from Sony Insider also added that the company is working on Vaio notebook that will run the Chrome OS of Google. It is even expected that it will feature 11.6 inches screen, Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 16 GB electronic multimedia card, 1 GB memory, wiles LAN support, 8 hours battery life, ultra low power GeForce GPU and quick booting. It is also a lightweight notebook that is rumored to be weighing at 2.2 pounds.