Sony Xperia Miro to be launched in India soon

Sony has often been criticized for releasing smartphones that run on the outdated Android versions, but Sony Xperia Miro should not be accused for that, that’s for sure! Sony Xperia Miro has only been targeted towards the pre-paid buyers and it is equipped with the very new Google Android 4.0 ICS version, even though Jelly Bean is again the latest one.

What is Sony Xperia Miro?

Sony Xperia Miro is the entry-level smartphone that is cheaper than the Android smartphones like Xperia p and Xperia U. However it should be noted that both these smartphones are using the older Android versions, due to which, Sony admits that company is at a disadvantage. However Sony Xperia Miro is bound to please the consumers as well as the retailers.

Specs and Features

Apart from the Ice Cream Sandwich, Sony Xperia Miro is the middling budget smartphone. It comes with 3.5” display as well as 320×480 screen resolutions, which is quite low. The pixel density automatically comes low to 161 ppi. You should not expect Miro to deliver crisp text. However at such entry-level position, the handset is quite acceptable. It is powered by 800 MHz single core processor. It also consists of 512 MB RAM as well as 4 GB internal memory. The phone can work at a stretch for 6 hours, thanks to its 1500 mAh battery.

Compact Frame

The only advantage of the small screen is that Sony Xperia Miro comes with a compact frame. Weighing merely 110 grams, it can comfortably fit in your hand. Miro should be a convenient option for those who are trying to get rid of their larger and expensive phones. Also, Sony Xperia Miro is pretty slim smartphone with a thickness of 9.9 mm. Additionally Sony Xperia Miro also comes boasting notification light which illuminates at the events like incoming messages and missed calls.

Most Notable Features

There are two most notable features of Sony Xperia Miro which we cannot ignore for sure. First one is that it comes with a 5 MP rear camera along with VGA-front camera. Even though the front camera does not provide crystal-clear images, but Sony should be applauded for at least adding this feature in its entry-level smartphone, something which almost everyone ignores!

Another feature is xLOUD audio profile which can be used for boosting the bass response in music playback, Facebook-integration with the default apps such as music player, gallery and contacts.

Color Availability

Sony Xperia Miro as of now will be available in white, gold, black as well as pink color.

When will Sony Xperia Miro be released?

Sony Xperia Miro will be released somewhere around 21st September in India at a price ranging from Rs. 12,000 to 14,000.