Spice M67 3D – a great cell phone to use

Adding one more feather to its cap, India’s budget mobile manufacturer company, Spice, has launched first 3D phone with official tag, M67 3D.

The handset features an integrated auto-stereoscopic display that allows users to view 3D videos with perfect quality output without needing special glasses. Apart from superb video watching experience, the users will also enjoy 3D Image Viewer facility of the handset thereby giving them a unique experience of the mobile all the way.

What is special in Auto-Stereoscopic Display?

Spice M67 3D features Auto-stereoscopic Display that allows users to watch 3-dimensional images, appearing as solid forms as seen in nature. The handset also allows users to switch to 2D and 3D mode instantly by using its dedicated 3D shortcut key. Adding more multimedia experience, the handset outputs perfect visual performance because it supports parallel version of 3D image and video. This way, the mobile provides users unique video watching experience.

Remote Wipe

The handset is enabled to safeguard your personal data from any outside access. If by chance, you lost your handset or left it somewhere where you personal data in the handset might be accessed by outsiders; just send a command to your mobile and all your worries come to an end. The command is known as Remote Wipe, which users can regulate by switching off the phone, deleting phonebook, call logs, messages, formatting phone and memory card, and by sending business card.

2 MP Camera

With 2 megapixel camera integrated with digital zooming and scene mode features including extra feature to regulate color effect, the handset adds more fun to your picture capturing needs.

In addition to that, features like FM and Mp3 player and outstanding multi SIM facility really make the handset a worth-purchasing option for fashion freak consumers.