Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2011 SMS & Greetings

The religious festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated all across India in the August or September month on ashtami of the Krishna Paksh or eighth day in Bhadon month as per the Hindu calendar. The festival is celebrated and enjoyed with great zeal, enthusiasm and devotion.

Night long rituals and prayers are conducted and hymns are beautifully sung in the temples. Priests chant the holy mantras and then bath Krishna idol with the Panchamrit comprising of Milk, Gangajal, ghee, honey and curd pouring these from the conch shell. After the bath, Krishna idol is placed in cradle. All over, songs and dances are performed to mark celebration of the occasion all across Northern India.

People also fast on this occasion and this is generally a waterless fast. The people who fast follow Janmashtami vows and keep vigil on the day all night long to become free from sins of 10 million births.

Rasa Lila which is the dramatic enactment of life of Lord Krishna is also a great feature of this festival. While Rasa Lila recreates flirtatious side of Lord Krishna’s youthful times, Dahi Handi indeed celebrates the mischievous and playful side of the God. This is the ritual in which teams of men form the human pyramid to reach the high hanging pot full of butter.

Lord Krishna Janmastami

Janmashtami SMS & Greetings are also widely sent to the loved ones. you can find a plethora of Janmashtami messages and greetings on the web. Some of the famous Janmashtami SMS & greetings include:

  • May lord Krishna
    Show you the way in your life
    As he has shown the way to
    Arjuna in kurukshetra
    May lord Krishna bless you on your way


  • Krishna jiska nam, gokul jiskaa dham, vo Krishna bhagwan ko, ham sab kare pranam, jai shree krrishna and Shubh Janmashtami


  • Mero to Giridhar Gopal
    Doosro Na Koye…
    In today’s world let’s remember
    unselfish love of Mira
    and spread love on this Janmashtami
Hope you will enjoy the Festival of Janmashtami.
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