TATA DOCOMO- Does It Meet the Standards of TATA

Today when we look around us we find many mobile operators charging us 1p/s. No doubt that’s great (although not for local calls), but when one asks who was the originator of this marvelous idea in India there is only one name- TATA Docomo. I have always appreciated TATA product just like millions of other people and when I came across TATA Docomo tariffs I decided to give it a chance.

I bought the sim in a cheerful mood, came back home, put it in my cell and then I was there, dumbstruck. There was no signal in my house.  First I thought that my cell was broke only to find out later I found out that it was the sim. Then I took it to college and even there the signal was very weak. No doubt its tariff was attractive but what good is it when you are unable to even make a call.

On searching the internet for similar problems I found out that people faced the same problem all around India and rarely came across someone enjoying a nice network. The service offered by the company resembles its network too.

Over the ages TATA has always been successful in making quality products, may it be the TATA salt or the Indica or the Nano. We can even count the TATA cdma service as a quality service too but something went wrong with this new launched product, the reason best known to the company itself. However the Docomo did something which did benefit millions of non Docomo users, it raised the bar for the other companies and we can see the results now. I have been using vodaphone for the past 1 year and recently it too launched an optional 1p/s scheme. So yippee, I have a nice network, a great service and also the new 1/s scheme. The credit goes to DOCOMO alone.

As we all know TATA is always very careful of making Indians happy and launching budget friendly products. In the series of that TATA Swach Water Purifier is another product, which cost as low as 799 Rs.