Tata Launched Cheapest Water Purifier “Swach” After cheapest Car Nano

MUMBAI: Tata is targeting lower middle class of India as they know the fact; Middle class is base of India. First they gave the dream Lakhtakia Car Tata Nano and now they came with another cheapest in the competition of Water Purifier Tata Swach (??????). I hope every Indian know the meaning of Swach, it means Pure.

As we all know Tata is known for giving perfect products for Indian Market. First they gave (first self manufactured) Indian Car Tata Indica, then they came up with Cheapest car of the world Tata Nano, and now they launched Cheapest Water Purifier as well.India Water Purifier

Features of Tata Swach (??????):- Tata swach is specially made for people who want to drink bure water but they really can’t afford a high cost water purifier. This purifier is not complicated and very efficient to maintain as well. As per the Tata Swach Officials, this purifier effective cost of maintenance will be 30 Rs Per month and I think every middle class or even low class Indian can afford it. Swach cartage is made of low cost ingredient like rise husk ash which made it more efficient. It does not require electricity so it can be effective in small towns and villages where we face electricity problems often.

TCS innovative labs and Tata Chemicals developed the concept of this Product and another Tata Company Titan will be doing marketing of TATA Swach.

Price of Tata Swach (??????):- As I was telling you from start main thing is Price of Tata Swach, so you must made few guesses about the price of the equipment. As of now cheapest water purifier in India Pureit ( Product of Hindustan Unilever Limited ) cost 2000 INR and one of the most famous purifier Kent RO ( You must have seen Hema malini with the Doughter Esha Deol Doing Ad for this ) cost somewhere around 16000 , But you will be surprised to know the price of Tata Swach. It comes in 2 models and costs of these 2 are Rs 799 and Rs 999 Only. I hope no one was expecting any cheaper rates than this.

Conclusion: – You cannot compare it with any Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier and it’s also unfair to compare both as Ro will cost you at least 10000 Rs and it Swach will cost you just 1000. If you want to drink pure water and you don’t have budget to buy a expensive purifier, you must look for this. However it won’t be that much effective but as always “Something is better than nothing “