Tata Photon vs. Reliance Broadband Plus – Comparison of Top 2 High Speed Wireless Broadband Devices

If you talk about fast and portable broadband as USB modem devices, first 2 names will be Tata Photon + and Reliance Broadband +. Now if it comes in selecting one from these 2, its really very tough task. Both are very good and providing almost very similar performance. Still, we are providing you few points which can help you to judge better.

Comparison between Tata Photon and Reliance Broadband Plus


Speed: – Tata Photon is offering 2.4 MBPS speed which means you will get about 200-300 KBPS downloading speed where as Reliance Broadband plus is offering 3.1 MBPS speed but actual downloading speed is almost similar about 300 KBPS in both.

Connectivity: – If you talk about connectivity its simply depends on network. So Reliance will have an , edge here as network of reliance is bit wider then Tata. However, it hardly matters as both will get almost same connectivity but still Reliance has an Edge here.

Service: – Tata and Reliance both are well known companies in India and have a wide range of Business. I used Reliance as operator and frankly speaking I was not very much satisfied with the service or I would say Customer Support, I feel Tata have better customer Support.

Tariffs:- None of them have unlimited download plans as of now in High Speed broadband Services and rates of tariffs are almost similar in both.

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Price of USB Modem Device: – Reliance is offering 3 different modems – Huawei EC 168, Huawei EC 1260 and ZTE AC871 at cost of 3500 Rs whereas rate of Tata Photon + modem is 3500 INR.

Reliance has three different Wireless Broadband USB modems – Huawei EC 1260, Huawei EC 168 C and ZTE AC871 at a
cost of Rs 3500. The modem charges for Tata Photon Plus are Rs.3600.

Conclusion: – Both devices are equally better, you should check the network connectivity at your place and then go for any of them accordingly. However if someone ask me to pick, I will go for Reliance Broadband + as I have seen its performance and never found any problem.