Teen Patti Review : Movie & Rating

This film is a perfect example of professionalism in the field of film making. Two legendary actors Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley have come together n this film to spread a message to the common viewers. It depicts the serious topics like harmful effects of gambling, increasing affects of greed and the influence of corruption everywhere.

This film begins with Venkat Subramanian’s visit to Cambridge University on a personal request by the mathematics genius Perci Trachtenberg.  He tells Perci about his invention of a special theory of Probability. At the same time he narrates a story about the use of this theory in the game of gambling as his seniors and denied to accept his theory. However, his tryst of the theory in gambling proved very true and he won most of the games using that theory.

Eventually, this attitude developed into greed of severe kind and he along with his there associates fell into misfortunes. It leads to some very unfortunate consequences and they had to fell into the trap of an unknown blackmailer.  The end of the story is very strong it definitely spreads a message for the people of the younger generation who are believed to be very ambitious.

The film rotates around Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, R. Mahadevan, and a few more actors. The film is very strong in its stand against the harmful effects of gambling and excessive amount of greed. It also reveals truth about practice of corruption everywhere. The actors have justified their performances very reasonably.

Teen Patti Rating

Amitabh is as always good and you should watch this movie for sure. I will rate this  movie 3.5 / 5