Tips for How to Impress a girl on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the Air as valentine’s week is going on today is propose day and every second heart is looking for someone special if he/she dont have or even if have. 😛

I am going to share few short ,good and smart tips to impress a girl

10 Tips for How to Impress a Girl Tips

1- First of All Girl want to feel special let her realize How special is she for you.

2- Admire Her from the core of your Heart and don’t use filmy words ( Normally girls dont like it )

3- Girls Love flowers so go with a bunch of flowers if you ar going to meet her.

4- get dressed properly, girls always notice your dressing sense.

5- Try doing something uncommon or unexpected what she could not expect from you if you are going to propose her.

6- The very common but always in girls preference gift is a good Soft toy, mind my words girls cant say no for soft toys.

7- Gift her chocolates as after propose day next is Chocolate Day and girls love chocolates more then anything else.

8:- When you are out for lunch or Dinner, She will notice your eating style, your taste of food, your table manner etc,

9- After doing all this Check her mood weather she is happy and comfortable with you or not. Don’t propose her without knowing this.

10- If everything is fine and normal Hold her hands and propose her with a red rose. This is old but always working .

Hope you enjoy few small but useful tips to impress a Girl.