Top 10 Places to Visit in Kolkata

Kolkata or as we previously knew it as Calcutta is not only an important city of India but is also popular for its historical background and its present architectures. Not only has it emerged into a beautiful city but also into a city full of inspirations.

The climate, of the former capital of India, being moderate always favors the stay of the tourists who come.  If we want to enjoy the city then some amount of planning is required like how to come to the city, where to stay , which guides to hire which routes to take etc but once all that is decided or arranged , the rest is on us.

Victoriya Memorial kolkata 1

Some memorable places in Kolkata are Fort William, Birla Planetarium, Victoria Memorial, Eden Garden, Howrah Bridge, Botanical Garden, The Saheed Minar, Writers Building and Marble Palace. Each place has its own features and is unique in its own way. Fort William is located on the banks of the river Hooghly and is named after the King Williams III of England. It was built in order to gain protection from the Muslim invaders. Presently it is a military area and permissions are required to enter the fort and see it. Similarly the Victoria Memorial is a grand architectural miracle. It was established in 1921 and is a museum at present. In fact it is considered as the finest museum of Kolkata. Next comes the Birla Planetarium which is largest museum of Asia. Consisting of sophisticated instruments and interactive art galleries this place teaches us a lot about the galaxy and planets stars etc.

Another beauty is the Marble Palace. Constructed in 1835 it’s presently an art gallery consisting of objects of artistic value like art, sculptures, oil Paintings and normal paintings etc. It also has a zoo consisting of rare animals and birds. The Nicco Park is an amusement park located near the salt lake. It’s considered as the Disney Land of West Bengal and is equally amusing for both kids and adults. The Eden garden is not only popular in India but also all over the world and it is basically a cricket stadium and it has witnessed some of the finest matched of cricket history.

One of the favorite places of Nature loving people happens to be the Botanical Garden, consisting of a wide variety of plants herbs and trees this place generates genuine interests in the minds of people. Open to the public this place ensures a peaceful atmosphere away from the busy life of the city. Another structural wonder happens to be the Howrah Bridge located over the river Hooghly. A place of must visit, The Writers Building, came into existence in 1877 and was the place where young writers of the East India Company dwelled. Today it serves as the secretariat of the West Bengal Government.