Top secrets of best teacher interview

So, it’s time for you to take up the teaching job? If you are geared up and wish to know about the top secrets of the best teacher interview, here are a few that will help you.

Effective Teaching Portfolio

Of course everyone will carry their teaching portfolio. But what would distinguish you from others is a portfolio that contains your experiences of failure and success and how you dealt with them. Lesson plans and your achievements and failure will tell your interviewee about you, more than anything else.

Practice makes a man perfect!

The old saying still holds true! Practice as much as you can before the interview. If possible, go for the mock interview session for your teacher interview. Google out some of the interview questions for teachers and practice your answers several times, maybe in a mirror!

Dress can be the first and last impression

The way you dress up for your interview will be very crucial. You need to dress up professionally and that goes without saying. Your clothing etiquettes will either make or break your interview just when you enter the door!

Eye contact is important

The rule of thumb says that eye contact is important for any kind of communication and in case of a teacher interview, it becomes even more important. It reveals about your confidence level to the interviewee. But make sure that you are not making too much eye contact with the principal.

Project your personality carefully

One of the most common teacher interview tips is to project your personality carefully. As a teacher, an ideal personality should be that of a bubbly, cheerful, disciplined, positive as well as outgoing person. This makes a teacher ideal for communication with the students.

Know a lot about the school

Of course, you should know a lot about the school before going on the interview. It is important to know in and out about the school as well as school district so that you appear confident and know about the general type of students at the school.

All these teacher interview tips or rather secrets can help you in clearing your interview, while also providing you an edge over others.