Top ten places those you should never miss to visit if you are traveling Delhi

Being a Delhite let me first tell you about places that you should never miss to visit if you are coming to Delhi. Being capital of India and a historical place Delhi is one of the most important City of India.

Delhi comes under North India and you can also say its center of India. Delhi have population of over 1 Crore. (10 Million)  I don’t thing any of us should miss to visit Delhi at least once in life.

Delhi is mostly surrounded with Punjabis and we all know Punjabi are famous for their foods, so you can enjoy lods o Punjabi food here..

Well coming to the topic let me tell you few must visit places at Delhi.
india gate
1-     India Gate: – India gate in one of main National monument of India. India gate is located at the center of Delhi and it’s famous for Amar Jyoti, which is a never ending flame reminding us those 90000 brave soldiers who lost their life in World War and Afgan War. Name of each and every soldier is mentioned in the wall of India gate.
2-     Qutub Minar: – Qutub Minar is a tower in Delhi which is also known as Qutb or Qutab (Urdu Words) is placed at Qutub complex. It was made by Mugal Emperor Firoj Shah Tughluk in the year of 1386. Its one of the oldest Islamic Architecture.

redfort3-     Red Fort (Lal Quila):- Red fort is one of the most famous place to visit if you are traveling Delhi. It’s located in the Walled City of Delhi. Mugal Emperor Shahjahan started its construction at 1638 and it took 10 year to get completed. You should not miss this place.

bahai_lotus_temple_delhi_24- Lotus Temple: – Lotus Temple is also known as Kamal Mandir . I would rater say its most beautiful place of Delhi. Its also symbol of Bahai Civilization and it was place of worship for them. It was completed in the year of 1986 and server as mother temple of the Indian Subcontinent.

chandni chowk5- Chandni Chowk: – If you are fond of food and shopping, Chandni chowk is the place that you must go, from the famous Parathe wali gali to the world famous Karims, everything is located there. It’s a famous market of Delhi but much consisted place.

akshar dham Gujrat6- Akshar Dham Temple: – Akshar Dham temple is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Delhi. It’s a Hindu temple and its inspired from Akshardham temple of Gujarat. It attracts about 70% people whoa re visiting Delhi. It was officially open on 5th November 2005 for public.

ncr7- Connaught Place: – Basically its heart of Delhi, Made by British in the year of 1929, you can clearly see British architecture in the buildings of connaught place. Its biggest market of Delhi and a must visit place for all.

PosterDwellingPalika8- Palika Market: – Palika Market is biggest underground market of Asia, its fully Air Conditioned market and you can go for shopping there. You can find lots of gadgets, cloths and verity of food inside that market. It was made in late 1970. One most important thing if you are going Palika market, you must know the art of bargaining if you are going to Palika.

kalka-ji-temple9- Kalka Ji Temple: – One of the oldest Kali Devi Mandir of India and it’s situated beyond the commercial complex of Nehru Place. On the days of Navratri’s you can find thousands of pilgrims going there.

nehru place10- Nehru Place: – Nehru Place is also known as IT hub of Delhi as well as India. Its always surrounded with crowd from Monday to Saturday. You must avoid going there on Sunday as market is officially of on Sunday. You can go there if you have any requirements like Computers’ Laptops, Mobiles and related accessories and of course you can find good food there.


There are 10 places that you should not miss to visit if you are coming to Delhi but there are many others which I will tell you later in my posts about Delhi. So keep visiting or subscribe us