Top Ten Tourist Places of Jodhpur

In between the depths of the Thar deserts we find the beautiful city of Jodhpur which is a land of beauty. Full of tourist places Jodhpur attracts many tourists.

The top ten tourist places of Jodhpur are:

Mehranngarh Fort
It’s one of Rajasthan’s three great hilltop forts and it literally means “Majestic Fort”. Here we also find a nice collection of musical instruments, palanquins, furniture and canons on the fort’s ramparts. This fort has its own architectural appeal, such as brilliant stained glass, that creates vibrant mosaics on the floors, with the passage of the sun through the day.

Umaid Bhavan Palace

This is also known as Chhittar Palace because of the Chhittar sandstone used to build it. It’s quite western in its design and was meant to give people employment during famine times.
Jaswant Thada
It lies very close to the fort complex. This white marble cenotaph, built in 1899, in commemoration of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. We can find here rare portraits of Jodhpur Rulers.
Clock Tower and Sardar Market
It is a prime attraction of the city and the colorful Sardar Market near it is one of the famous tourist attractions of Jodhpur. We find here quaint bazaars selling textiles, antiques, silverware and handicrafts.

Around Jodhpur

It was the former capital of Marwar. It has a Hall of Heroes which contains 15 figures carved out of a rock wall. The Shrine of 33 crore Gods, is painted with figures of gods, spirits and divinities.

Here we find Rajasthan’s largest group of early Jain and Hindu temples. The town is presently a desert oasis.

This small walled town is clustered around a 100 pillared Shiva Temple.



Balsamund Lake & Palace

This lake and garden complex is a palace constructed in 1936, which looms over the lake. The lake is presently a public park and bird sanctuary.

Guda Bishnoi
These are immaculately – kept settlements of the Bishnoi community – staunch believers in the sanctity of plant and animal life.

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Hope you will enjoy in your trip in the midst of this beautiful desert.