Top Ten Tourist Places of Nagpur

Nagpur is also known as “Orange City” of India and is rated as the second greenest city too. There are many tourist places of Nagpur.

Top ten tourist places near Nagpur according to me are:

The significance of this is that legend has that Lord Rama has passed this way during his exile and so we find a number of temples on this hill dedicated to Lord Rama here.

Deeksha   Bhoomi
It happens to be the holy monument of the Buddhists, renowned for Deeksha.

Ambazari Lake and garden
It is the biggest tourist attraction of Nagpur

The biggest tourist attraction of Nagpur is Ambazari Lake and garden. Ambazari Lake is the biggest lake and most beautiful of all the lakes in the city.

Tadoba National Park
This national Park has a wild collection of several groups of monkeys, chital, bison, gaur, jackal, sambar, palm civets, and wild boar. The lake here also has a unique compilation of water birds and marsh crocodiles.

This place has a very large and charming lake. Travelers come here to enjoy boating too.

This spot is named after the name of the sage Markandeya and has got many temples. The architecture of 24 temples firmly resembles the works of Khajuraho temples.

Mahatma Gandhi spent 15 years of his life span in Sevagram. He established the ashram in 1933 and now it provides accommodation to all travelers and is considered as a beautiful resort too.


This is a tiny village which holds a grand collection a grand collection of ancient and magnificent temples.  The Ganapati temple that exists here lodges an idol of the Lord, which is a single stone, set up to facilitate easy worship for the devotees.


Located in the Khapra range forest the land consists of natural beauties along with a magnificent dam.






It is a historical village and serves as a religious place for the Jains.

Tourist attractions of Nagpur certainly help people get close to the nature. Hope you will enjoy your time here too.

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