Top Water Purifiers In India 2012: Make A Wise Choice

If you always believed that drinking pure and uncontaminated water will lead you towards a healthy life, you need to make sure that you have a quality water purifier at your place. But have you visited the market to buy the best purifier available and just to notice that the wide variety and range of purifiers have just left you more perplexed? If so, you are not alone in that case. There are a large number of users who find it hard to search for and buy the “best” and “most effective” water purifier for their needs.

First of all, make a list of the things that you are looking forward to get in your water purifier. If energy efficiency is on your top priority, there will be different purifiers available to choose from. But at the same time, if you want quality water from a reputed water purifier brand, then the options available will be different.

Make the best choice

Whatever your requirements may be, you always need to ensure that you buy the best and most affordable water purifier and keep diseases at bay. Here we offer a complete list and details of top water purifiers in India 2012 so that you can make a wise decision. Though we have not listed them on the basis of which is best or less featured, you can check out your requirements, read customer reviews and then make your choice.

Aquaguard Water Purifier Total Duo 

With the RO purification feature, the water purifier is a great option to consider. Some amazing facilities available with this purifier include re-circulating pump, power indicator, UV purification system as well as the electronic membrane life enhancer.

Kent Water Purifier Pearl 

The filter change alarm, UV with TDS controller and reserve osmosis technology are the main features of this water purifier by Kent. It has in fact become the best selling water purifier in India. The UV with TDS controller along with Reverse osmosis lets the water to be purified easily and have no chemicals whatsoever. Even the LED display lets the user know about filtration process.

Whirlpool Water Purifier Elite RO 

With the 6 stage purification system, the Whirlpool Elite RO is a nice option to keep in mind when planning to buy a water purifier. Its 6th sense Purify & Protect Techonology, dual overflow security and child lock are the facilities that this water purifier boasts.

Pureit Marvella 

This serves to be a technologically superb water purifier that is second to none. With 4 phases of purification, the Marvella works through the Sediment Filter, Sediment Plus Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and High Intensity UV chamber stages. Even the alarm system in the purifier lets you know 15 days prior to when the device will stop its working. Being completely automatic in function, it stores and purifies the water in an automatic way.

TATA Swach Smart 

Easy to clean, Tata Swach lock, Silver nanotechnology, high purification ability are the watchwords of this water purifier. Flaunting the elegant design and body, the purifier has non toxic, food grade body that easily fits over water storage vessels with ease.

So, now that you have a rough idea as to what all features can be had in different water purifiers, research more and get the best purifier 2012 India only.