Treat CWG as a national festival- Sheila Dikshit appeals to people

New Delhi : Really concerned about lack of enthusiasm that surrounds the CWG, Sheila Dikshit, the Delhi Chief Minister has appealed to the Delhi citizens to celebrate this event just like any other national festival. Dikshit has also sought their cooperation in order to make the Commonwealth Games a great success.

Dikshit states that she assures people that there will be festive mood all during the Games and the citizens are thus requested to be a part and parcel of this festival. The chief minister even appealed to the masses to clean up their localities so that Delhi can be made a clean and beautiful place during the CWG.

Asking people to welcome the visitors with warm gestures and behavior, Sheila Dikshit further added that it is the responsibility of each citizen to make certain that the tourists return their homes carrying fond memories and good image of Delhi in their hearts.

Also, noting that the celebrations for Ram Leela will coincide with these Games, she hoped that the city will be capable enough to present the composite culture during that time.

She also said that the government has even decided to provide illumination at 47 historical sites in the Delhi city.