Uninor GSM service- The latest in India

The latest fascination of the Indians happens to be trying new Uninor Gsm service. This new service is a product of Unitech Wireless, which happens to be a joint venture of real estate giant Unitech and Norway based Telenor. This product was launched on Dec 4th and the launch took place simultaneously in Tamil Nadu, Kerela , Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Jon Fredrik Baksaas, CEO of the Telenor Group, said, “It has been highly satisfying to witness today’s launch ofUninor GSM mobile services across India. By providing quality mobile services, I strongly believe that Uninor India will bring about a significant and positive impact in the daily lives of its customers.”

In order to attract more customers Uninor had unveiled two of its plans before the launch dates and the plans remain unchanged. According to the Uninor tariff it provides local calls at 29p/min and STD calls at 49p/min. though many seem to be fascinated regarding this it didn’t interest me much. Frankly speaking this is not to be considered cheap either. Presently vodaphone has the call rate of 30p/min for local calls and 50p/min for STD calls. Further the STD is based on seconds and not minutes.

So although the Uninor network remains good I preferred to stick to my vodaphone instead of going with the crowd. Talking about the customer service it’s hard to say what kinda service they provide. This will be proved only by time. I am not criticizing Uninor, I am just trying to say that if you really want to help the people and gain more customers then you should consider lowering of call rates to a greater extent and not just limit it by keeping the rates 1p/min cheaper than the common market rates.

Anyways I hope all the Uninor customers enjoy their services because I am quite certain that the company will go further and will give plans unbelievable for the customers.