Veer Movie Preview, Story Download and more

The title says along with the name “An Epic Love Story of a Warrior”. Let’s see what kind of epic the director holds for us. When I first saw the poster and the stills of the movie I guessed the setting to be around the mythological times, the shiny armor, and the lustrous sword reminded me of many such movies. But for a change the director Anil Sharma surprised me. The setting is during the British times.

Movie Plot
The movie is based on the period when the British were using the divide and rule policy and all kingdoms fell prey to the trap except for the ‘Pindaris’ who are brave warriors preferring death to dishonor and continue fighting against the British.

Veer (Salman Khan) happens to be the strongest of them all along with being the bravest and he pursues the fight against the British. Further he also fights against the king of Madhavgarh and against his own jealous tribesman too. HE falls in love with princess Yashodhara who happens to be the daughter of his sworn enemy and thus his struggle with life, with his love and with his enemies is what the movie is about.

Veer release date is set on Jan 22 2010.To be honest I am quite impressed with the trailer and honestly hope that this movie clicks. It’s on news that Salman had himself penned the story a long time back after being inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s book, ‘Taras Bulba’.

The songs of the movie are good and appeal to the people now but I feel they are of the type which gradually fades from the human minds. Let’s just wait for the big release and let time decide the rest.. If you haven’t seen the Veer trailer yet see the video below.

I hope you enjoyed the trailer. Hope you would enjoy the movie too.