Veer Movie Review and Rating

Veer, when I had first seen the Veer trailer, I certainly got impressed. When I went to the overcrowded hall, my expectations rose even higher. Now when it comes to whether I liked the movie or not and what are my comments, about that I am going to write below. Below you will find the Veer review.

The movie had a fine start, an explosive opening sequence which increases ones attention towards the movie. The movie had a wonderful and successful start and the powerful scenes of Mithun Da and Salman Khan was simply worth praising.

The scenes were directed brilliantly and the acting was quiet perfect too. The songs are also well composed and well sung. As a whole I was starting to really like the movie. Then came the interval and it seemed as if after the interval we were watching an altogether different movie.

It seemed that the script writers wanted to make an overwhelming movie and in the process lost track of their logic. Hence we find a number of disconnected and illogical sequences. Even the story stops progressing and we only find the love story everywhere in the rest of the movie. Basically it ruined the entire effect which the movie had previously provided. Frankly speaking I even lost my patriotic feeling towards my country and its freedom during the movie.

But as for the Salman Khan fans, you are going to love the movie. There is plenty of action, a beautiful love story and along with that Salman’s famous body too. Zarine Khan looks extremely cute too. But the movie could have been much better if only the script writers and directors had not lost their mind in between. Hope you liked this article and will also enjoy the movie too. If I am asked to give it a rating personally Veer rating will be 6/10.