Vodafone Mobile Phone Goes 3G Now- Launching 3G Service in India

Good news for all iphone lovers, Vodafone Essar joint venture is very soon launching iphone 3G in India on 22nd of August, 2010. For a 8GB model, it is going to cost $715 and for a 16GB model, it is going to cost $830. The first iphone which was sold in U.S was higher in price and India could not afford it. It is really hard to imagine the device selling well among that segment considering an IT professional average annual salary of $13000 to $25000 in India. Vodafone has put all the details of this iphone on the website including its availability and its pricing.

Vodafone 3G India

The iphone is available in a 16GB and 8GB at Rs 36100 and Rs 31000 respectively. Those people who have registered it in advance would get their iphone earlier than other people. The good part is that depending upon your internet requirement, the monthly rental for this iphone is going to be Rs500/- to Rs-1000/- which you can easily manage. All you have to do is you can book this phone by paying Rs-10,000/- on August 20-21 at Vodafone store.

You also have to show that booking SMS to Vodafone store that you got from Vodafone when you make the deposit. It is also said by Bharti Airtel that they also have their plans to sell this device on the same day but they have not mentioned at which price, they are going to sell it.

So, hurry up, go and book this luxurious phone and enjoy all its special features