Well Done Abba Movie Review & Rating

Star cast:- Boman Irani, Minisha Lamba, Sammir Dattani, Sonali Kulkarni, Ila Arun, Rajit Kapoor and Ravi Kissen.

Directed By:- Shyam Benegal

Written By:- Shyam Benegal ( Story) and Ashok Mishra( Screenplay)

Release date:- 26 march, 2010

Story:- Shyam Benegal, a story writer who can write and portray minute details of the human character in his stories has done it again with his latest movie at box office, “ Well Done Abba “. After “Welcome to Sajjanpur” it is his another work on the common-people set in villages and their lives. It is light-hearted comedy with a satire on the Indian babus and their relation with the Indian aam-janta.

The story begins with Armaan Ali ( Boman Irani ), who hails from a village near Hyderabad and works for a senior executive in Mumbai. He had taken leave to search a match for his daughter, but is back after three months. His boss decides to sack him since he came back after 3 months instead of the allotted 1 month leave. It is then when Armaan narrates the story behind his 3 months, which is full of humour and entertainment. Initially he had arrived with the intentions of marrying off his daughter Muskaan ( Minisha Lamba ) , because he fears that she might be a less desirable bride as she was against wearing Burkha, despite being a Muslim and also that she was adamant for completing her education. So his worries brought him back to his village. While in the village he learns about the problem of water shortage and also that government has launched a scheme, according to which the government will pay for him to have a well on his land. So he decides to dig a well in his field and that is where he falls prey to the never-ending cycle of the corrupt mechanism. The government officials, like our real-life officials are not willing to work unless offered some ransom or some money. So he keeps running around bribing everyone from officer, collector, engineer, and village-head to even a photographer. That is how it successfully shows the underlying frustrations of a common man, who has to go about all of them just to get a government scheme implemented. The first half of the movie, Armaan Ali is shown runing about them and getting his well dug as par the government’s scheme. But the second half of the movie, he decides to give the babus a lesson. So the well that just existed in papers but not on the field is reported as stolen in the police files. So in a way the well that never really existed is now shown as stolen in the police files. Therefore this leads to another impossibly funny incident of theft of an immovable property. Thus, everyone involved in the well’s existence officially are questioned.

As the title of the movie is Well Done Abba, in which Abba refers to Boman Irani’s character, who plays the role of Abba for his daughter. Through all this, his daughter is his support system. Parallel there is also shown a love story prevalent between Minisha Lamba and Sammir Dattani. Armaan also has a twin brother Rehmaan Ali( Boman Irani) whose wife is Ila Arun. Both of them add humour in their own very simple and light manner, which exactly is done keeping the life of people living in villages. Ravi Kissen plays the role of an engineer who always has his wife ( Sonali Kulkarni ) on his mind. Rajit Kapoor is seen as an inspector who adds humour in his style specifically.

Well Done Abba Movie Rating

In a nutshell, it is a movie for those people who want to have an interesting educative experience. The movie has all the factors to be a favorite of Indian Audiences. Boman Irani has played the role of Abba with the basic versatility; apart from him all the actors have also worked their way out to make it a success. Minisha Lamba’s acting skills are finally out with Shyam Benegal. We wish the movie luck and rate it 3/5.

Review By Sonakshi Manchanda