What’s New in iPad 2? Ipad 2 Features & Price

The chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs made a surprise visit at a special media event in San Francisco on Wednesday to unveil the much awaited successor of renowned iPad tablet.

The new iPad 2 will cost you somewhere between US$499 for a 16 gigabyte version with WiFi technology to a 64 GB model which packs together WiFi and 3G connectivity for $829.

Ipad 2

Many of the awaiting customers are still asking the same question- “What’s new in iPad 2?” So here is the answer:

New improved camera: The customers will get a smile on their face by seeing a VGA camera in the front as well as a rear camera with a capability to record 720p high definition video. This feature is found in almost all the tablets, but as far as iPad is concerned, this has become one of the first tablets to incorporate front as well as rear facing cameras.

More Powerful: Apple says that its new device is more powerful than the previous one. And how does that point comes? Well, Apple iPad 2 has double the computing power and nine times the graphic power as compared to iPad 1. The new iPad 2 is lighter as well as thinner than the original one. The WiFi only editions of the iPad weigh merely 601 g in comparison to iPad 1’s 680g and the thickness has been cut down to 8.8 mm from 13.4 mm.

Connectivity with the HDTVs: The good news for all the new iPad 2 owners is that you would be able to connect the device with your HDTVs with the help of an additional HDMI adapter that costs US$89. In short, the users will see the reflection of their iPads on their HDTV with the connection of this adapter.

iPad 2 is more colorful: Unlike the original iPad which is available only in black color, the iPad 2 will have either a black or a white border. Apple calls it the “Smart Covers” and also explains that the new covers will be accessible in variety of hues. The new covers range in price from US$39 to US$69.

iPad 2 is the content creator: On Wednesday, Apple also unveiled that there will be various upgrades to the iOS software that also powers iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. This also includes tablet versions of Apple’s iMovie video editing software as well as GarageBand music editing software. Apart from this latest technological addition, Apple will also focus on more content creation, initially only performed by the laptop.

With these additions, the iPad 2 surely will be a feast for the users. this is what explains the new additions to the iPad 2.

Ipad 2 is not yet launched in India and Ipad 2 Price in India is also not available, we will update you about it soon.