What is 4G Technology?

4G, a new technology budding up in the recent years might have forced you to ask a question, what does 4G really mean? The 4G technology seems to do wonders for your GPS systems, digital cameras, laptops, PCs and video game consoles but what about your mobile phones? Considering that a whooping number of people use internet on mobile phones as well, you would find the newest mobiles coming loaded with the 4th Generation technology.

4G Technology

4G basically is targeted to increase your internet speed. It operates at a much faster speed than 3G cellular technology. The 4G operates at a speed between 3-10 Mbps, faster than any other technologies. Increased speed allows users to surf net in a speedy way, email large files, and play graphic-heavy online games in a flash version, video chat for long hours and stream movies online. 4G technology has not left devices such as cameras and PDAs untouched as well. Your new devices are already embedded with modem and network card installed in their bodies. However, the only drawback of 4G technology is that it is not operational in some areas, due to which you need to shell some more money to access it. In such cases, the provider might propose a dual-mode 3G/4G device that bonds to local 3G towers.