What is Google Buzz | Gmail Buzz

Google is trying to be more social now and in this addition google launched Google Buzz which is also called gmail Buzz as it comes with Gmail now.

When You will try to login to gmail, you will get a notification page about google buzz and if you click on Continue you will reach to introduction page of google buzz.

In last post About Video Tutorial for How to use Google Buzz we provided you the official video of google buzz.

What Is Google Buzz

Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos and more, and start conversations about the things you find interesting. You’re already set up to follow the people you email and chat with the most.

This is  official introduction of Google/Gmail Buzz by Google.

You can check the mail URL of Google Buzz that is :- www.google.com/buzz

Unlike Google wave this  new google buzz directly comes with your gmail front page and When you login to gmail you can see the introduction page of Google Buzz.

As other google applications google buzz also add all your contacts with your profile automatically and you can share pictures with your friend network privately and publicly. You can also integrate your twitter and flicker account with google buzz to share images.

Will update more about google buzz soon.