WhatsApp Business Released In India-What You Need To Know

WhatApp released the business variation of its app in some countries that include the UK, the US and Italy. However, initially left out India, is included in the list of countries where WhatApp Business app will be available for download.

I would recommend all you small business owners to take a look at the WhatsApp Business app because it totally makes sense for local business and also, it is free to use, so there’s nothing to lose.

Note that for now the business variation of the app is available for business users only. If you are a small business owner then with WhatsApp Business app you have the opportunity to reach the customers instantly and provide then with a point of contact they are already aware of.

The Difference from Personal App

WhatsApp Business app is entirely a separate service that targets different section of audience. When you install the app it will ask you for the alternate number which should be different from the number you use on the regular WhatsApp. In case you do not have another number of want to use the same number with the business app, you can do so. Your personal WhatsApp profile will be transferred to the business profile and so will your contacts.

If you want to migrate your groups and chat history to the business account, you can do so by choosing the appropriate option when you set up the WhatsApp Business app. Otherwise, if you have two mobile numbers than you can continue to use your regular WhatsApp along with the WhatsApp Business app.

There are some additional features provided to the business version of the WhatsApp along with all the regular ones. Let’s plunge deep into what new features the WhatsApp Business app has to offer.

Registering and Setting Up WhatsApp Business App

Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Business app, follow these steps:

  1. Proceed with the initial setup and enter your phone number, then verify it via OTP (one time password).
  2. Next step is to add the business name, it can be your company name or shop name. Note that you cannot change the business name once you have saved, so be careful as you won’t be able to change the business name.
  3. After you setup the business name, you will be directed to app’s homepage. There is no difference in the homepage as it is same as the regular app-3 tabs (chats, status and calls) at the tops, with three-dot menu at the top right and start chat icon at the bottom.

    Whatsapp Business Settings

    Whatsapp Business Settings

Profile settings and Statistics in WhatsApp Business

Now here comes the differentiating factor of the Business app. In this version you have the option to add more details about the business. Tap on the three-dot menu and in the drop down select ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Business settings’.

As you can see, there are too many options. First you can setup the business display image. Next you can add full business address and even add Google Maps location to pin point the exact location to customers.

Followed by category where you can choose the appropriate service type like clothing, automotive, restaurant, finance, transport, etc. Next you can add details about your business nature. In the following section you can add business working days and hours, business email address and website.

There is also the ‘Statistics’ option available where you can check how many messages you have sent, how many messages are delivered and how many are read by customers.

WhatsApp Business Messaging Tools- Away, Greeting and Quick Reply Messages

Whatsapp Business Messaging Tool

Whatsapp Business Messaging Tool

For the effectiveness of the WhatsApp Business app it has to offer more features over the messaging capabilities of regular app. This is why the business version is bundled with some very helpful messaging tools.

From the business settings, you can access the power of Away Message, Greeting Message and Quick Replies. Yea, these options do what they are titled as, with away message you can inform customers outside the business hours, while greeting messages are the conversation starters. They are send the very first time customer messages you on WhatsApp Business or when there is an inactivity of 14 days between you and the customer. Then we have quick replied that you can define as per your personal preference. For instance I have added, “You messaged is received, we will get back to you soon.”

The Usual Features

WhatsApp Business app retains all the features of the regular app. You can still hide your status, profile picture and last seen from people who are not in your contacts or from everyone. All the conversations in the business version of the app are also end-to-end encrypted. For additional security there is two-step verification. Just like the regular WhatsApp, you can backup the chat history in the Google Drive for business app too.

From our review so far, we conclude that WhatsApp Business app is valuable for small and mid-size local businesses. However, the full potential of the app can only be seen in the coming months, when it actually hits the markets.