Windows 8 Features : Download Windows 8 Developer Version

Microsoft has revealed about the features of Windows 8. It is a wonderful thing that can run in the most brilliant way on your desktop PC. Windows 8 is named as “Metro.” One of the most exciting features of “Metro” is that it enables you to switch to and fro between two users and this also ensures greater productivity without having multiple devices. The amazing features of Windows 8 are explained here:

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen is alike lock screen that you see in windows phone devices. On the screen, you can see updates regarding your emails, time, weather, notifications and much more.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Touch screen password

Another amazing feature of Windows 8 is touchscreen password that offers you complete security. It allows you to unlock using the combination of swipes or touches on the chosen picture. This is almost like your Android device.


In this unique feature, the users can organize their feeds as per the topic. It works more or less like a Twitter client.

Start Screen

The start screen is always active, again like your Windows phone devices. It provides you updates automatically. There are different tiles which can be organized in the form of groups. Other special features include picking up tile with single finger, pinch zooming and multitouches.


The Windows 8 are more user friendly with its touch facility and this enables users to swipe right, center, left, top and bottom. These activities can also be performed while surfing.

Windows 8 comes packed with a range of exciting features and this makes its more user friendly and exciting.

Download Windows 8 :- Windows 8 developer version is available to download on Microsoft site :-

Make sure its developer version and you need to install properly. You can read post on PCWorld about How to Install Windows 8.