Know All Main Windows 8 Features

With its news all around, Windows 8 already includes over 300 features to enjoy. Microsoft also pointed out that the brand plans to add more features and capabilities to the OS till the time it is available to the end users. So, let’s check out the features that are there in Windows 8.

Great Control Panel

Beyond redesigning the task manager, Microsoft has indeed revamped the control panel for the OS. The new options incorporate Users, Personalize, General, Search, Privacy, Notifications, Share and Wireless features.

There is even the new way of navigating the running apps. On the touch display, you just swipe the finger from left side and back out. This shows the vertical thumbnails for the running applications. All you need to do is to just touch these thumbnails and switch to the application that it represents.

Windows 8

Windows 8 Features

Metro UI

Metro User Interface was first seen in 2010 Windows Phone launch and now it is there in Windows 8 as well. The widget like tiles which provide details at a single glance are primary draw here. Then, tapping the tiles open up underlying application with ease. The updating tiles thus serve as information provider as well as entry point to the complete apps.

Start Menu of Widows 8 is also customizable through the tiles mosaic that differs from the traditional desktop icons. These tiles let you see the live details from the METRO style applications without accessing those apps.

Also, the Windows 8 includes 2 soft keyboards- the enhanced one that is traditional and the new thumbs one for the non touch typists. The touch friendly keyboard option is surely not a problem that users faced with the keyboards of yesteryears.

Display screen

Even the capacitive displays are easy to use, provided the fact that the software is properly optimized to take the benefit of them. Indeed, Microsoft redid the touch keyboard completely for this new OS, emulating what they offered in Windows Phone.

Semantic zoom lets you easily pinch the Metro start screen of the OS in an easy manner. You just need to pinch on display and tiles will not only shrink, they will even resize to be useful for the customers. You can further rename as well as move the groups of tiles around with the help of this act for better and amazing organization.

Amazing snap multitasking

More so, the snap multitasking is there to make it simple to run two applications in the OS side by side, to switch between the two or to resize them with ease. On right side, you can easily snap the application into perfect place.

So, these are just a few and important features that the Windows 8 as of now. You can check for updated features and details online.