Xiaomi First Smart TV MI TV 4 Launched in India & Its Awesome

So is your TV slimmer than your phone? Xiaomi has answered this unasked question for us with its recent launch, the Mi LED Smart TV 4- a television so sleek, you have to look at it twice. Ranging from only 4.9 mm, it is basically a glass screen that can be mounted on any wall. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it promises to give a better picture and audio quality. Averaging at a price of only Rs. 39,999/-, this piece of technology is almost too good to be true. Whereas the television will be made available on Flipkart, Mi.com and Mi home stores from February 22, here’s what you can expect from this latest Xiomi product:

Xiomi MI TV 4

Xiomi MI TV 4


The sheer sleekness may be a sight to behold for many at first- this product comes with a monitor and two bases. The packaging also includes a Bluetooth remote, a power cord and a user manual. We’d however not advise that the monitor is handled manually without the help of technicians. The wall mount is separately available at a cost of only 399/-. The television is easy to install and would not take longer than half an hour to be completely functional.


The monitor is 1232mm to 730 mm with a thickness of 4.9 mm at its thinnest point. It gradually thickens at the base to 48 mm, where the ports have been incorporated at the back of the screen. The users can find an Ethernet jack, three HDMI ports (one of which has Audio Return Channel for connecting a soundbar), two USB ports (one for USB 2.0 and another for USB 3.0), Wi-Fi support and connections for a coaxial cable to attach the set-top box. The screen is all glass with a tiny Mi logo. The Bluetooth remote is simple to use offering D-pad navigation, up and down volume controls and playback controls. However, users may not find voice control feature with the remote at present.


Xiaomi has kept in mind to provide its users with not only a generous size screen but also a good picture quality. The LED panel offers a wide range of colors with an improved contrast ratio. With a 3840 x 2160 resolution, this television supports both 4K UHD and HDR format. The audio quality is not far behind as the Mi LED TV 4 supports Dolby audio and DTS-HD for an improved audio quality. With an audio power, of 2 x 8 W, the audio would rest easily in your living room as just right.


The Mi LED Tv 4 is based on an Android Open Source (AOC) platform, which is not too dissimilar to the MIUI interface used by Xiaomi for its smartphones. PatchWall is the official marketing term for this interface that has been designed for televisions to make it easier to find shows. The navigation is easy via the remote and provides a universal search as well. The content might be restricted at the moment, but Xiaomi aims to expand it for the benefit of its users over time. One of the smart features of this television includes the “On Air” feature which works when the set-up-box is connected.This feature essentially displays the content of the set-up-box on the TV which can be browsed using the same remote. Xiaomi also promises to provide software updates much like in smartphones. This is bound to provide for an entertainment like nothing we’ve seen before.


The Mi LED TV 4 is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core Cortex A53 processor along with a 2GB RAM and 8GB storage. The company already claims response time of the monitor to be 8 ms. This would make the system fast without providing any space for glitches to ruin the watching experience.


Xiaomi has already become one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and though it might face much competition from its peers at Samsung, Videocon, and Sony, it can be safely said that the Mi LED 4 TV is one for the long run. The television shows promising prospects even though it might face some discrepancies at the moment. But that is to be expected with the launch of any new product. The question arises whether Xiaomi was able to deliver the money’s worth of the product. To this, we are of the view, that Mi LED TV 4 is a good product to be priced at only Rs. 39,999/-, and with the 4K display, it is actually one of the most affordable televisions on the market.

MI TV 4 is FlipKart Exclusive & first flash sale will start on 22nd Feb 2018 2PM.